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Homeland Security 02 Trauma Kit
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Homeland Security 02 Trauma Kit

When it comes to Homleland Security no one prepares you better than Needi. This kit was designed with help & feed back from border patrol professionals, who safe guard our borders and country every single day. After listening to their needs and demands to better equip our border patrol team we are offering this Homeland Security Kit. This kit consists of the following items. Thermoscan thermometer w/covers, Alcohol prep pads (25) Eyewash bottle (1) Latex gloves Triangle Bandages (3) Compressed Bandages (2) Writing pad / pens Suture removal kit Large Med scissors (1) Small tape scissors (1) Pen lights (functional) (2) Tweezers Oral glucose tube Antibiotic cream (1 tube/ 6 packets) TRIAGE tags (15) Glucose Meter with strips and lancets Tourniquet rubber (1) Bottle Hand Sanitizer (1) 3" Stretch Bandages (4) 6"Stretch Bandage (1) Band-aids (assorted) 5 knuckle,10 large, 16 1x3, bandaids, Non- adherent dressings (2) 3x4 Asherman Chest Seal (1) Wet dressings (2) 3x3 4x4 Sterile Guaze pads (10) 2x3 Sterile Guaze pads (6) Eye pads sterile (2) x large 4" Kerlix Stretch Bandage Tape rolls (2) Bloodstoppers (2) Main compartment Adult B/P cuff w/stethoscope Pediatric B/P cuff Kendric Traction Device Pulse Oximeter w/cord & spare batteries Roll large tape (1) Disposable emergency blankets (2) O.B. Kit SAM splints (2) 36" rolls, Hydrogen Peroxide bottle Sterile irrigation solution or water Trauma Pad (1) 10x30 or 12 x30, Equipment List Airway Side V-vac Suction device (complete kit) Adjustable C-collars Adult (1) Adjustable C-collars Pediatric (1) Biohazard Bags (2) Adult BVM w/resorvoir, mask & tubing Pedi BVM w/resorvoir, mask & tubing (2) HEPA particle masks Airway Jump Bag including: Oxygen cylinder w regulator / key 1 Set of oral airways (6) latex free, 1 Set of nasal airways w/lube packets (6) Nonrebreathing mask Adult (2) Nonrebreathing mask Pediatric (1) Extra tubing (1) Nasal Cannula (1)

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