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Hands free on scene Back Pack Trauma kit made of 1000 denier cordura nylon with life time warranty start of life logo in front of the bag with zippered flap. Back side of the bag has heavy padding for support with two padded shoulder straps. Comes with several pockets inside the bag for quick and easy access to medical supplies. Size: Approx 19" X 15" X 7" This Kit consists of: 1 Adult Bag Valve mask with reservoir and tubing , 6 nitrile latex free gloves, 10 4"x4" gauze sponges, 1 Bite Stick, 20 2"x2" gauze sponges, 1 mylar emergency blanket, 1 instant cold pack, 1 instant heat pack, 1 roll of coflex- med flexible hand tear bandage, 5 4" conforming stretch roll gauze, 5 3" sterile conforming stretch gauze roll, 5 2" sterile conforming stretch gauze roll, 1 pair of Truama Shears 7 1/2", 1 4" elastic bandage, 1 2" elastic bandage, 1 Needi Jumbo Triangular Bandage 40" with two safety pins, 5 5"x9" abdominal pads, 5 8x10 abd pads, 1 OPA KIT (set of 6 pcs), 1 Needi BP Cuff adult, 1 dual head sprague stethoscope latex free ,20 anti septic hand wipes, 1 Finger ring cutter, 1 Kelly hemostat 5.5" straight, 1 Needi Diposable penlight with pupil gauge, 1 roll of 1" clear adhesive tape, 1 face mask with eye shield, 5 knuckle flexible bandages, 16 1"x3" plastic adhesive bandage strips, 1 Trauma dressing 10"x30" sterile, 10 2"x3 (xlarge) plastic adhesive strips, 100 alcohol preps ,1 Pocket Mask Ventilator in hard case & 5 medium sized red bio haz bags.

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